Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you may have

Who are these packages for?

They are perfect for anyone you want to reward. You choose how and why to award your performers (years of service completed, sales goal achieved, job well done, customer loyalty, etc.).

How long are the certificates valid?

Award certificates are valid for thirteen months from the date of issue, and travel must be completed within 10 months of certificate expiration.

What does the recipient receive?

Your recipients will receive either a physical or email version of the award certificate, which will have their name and certificate number, along with terms and conditions.

When do I pay for these packages?

After you determine which package(s) and options you’d like to purchase, Contact HMI Award Headquarters at 888.220.4780 to place your order, make payment arrangements, and coordinate certificate delivery. An All for You concierge will be available to make planning trips and experiences a breeze for your performers.

What if I want to offer something that is not a part of the All for You Rewards collection?

We’d be happy to discuss other options. Contact HMI Award Headquarters or call 888.220.4780.

Questions your recipients may have

I received an Experience This! Package. Where can I go?

It’s up to you! Pick the event and the city and our concierge team will handle the rest.

What type of seats are included with the Game On! and Experience This! packages?

Our concierge team will work to find you the best tickets within the awards budget.

How do I redeem my All for You Rewards certificate?

Simply call the concierge number at 888.220.4780. Have your certificate number ready.

Do these certificates expire?

Travel must be completed within 10 months of certificate expiration.

What time of the year can I travel?

Travel times may vary depending on availability and the type of package you are awarded.

Am I responsible for the taxes?

All hotel taxes are paid. However, taxes on your award (based on the fair market value of your award) are the responsibility of the individual. It is up to the corporate sponsor to issue a 1099 form.

Still have questions?

Check out the All for You Rewards Brochure.

or call HMI at 888-220-4780 to speak to your All for You Rewards Concierge

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